"The Key To Enlightenment - Removing The Veil Of Religion" Part 2

156 minutes

Second part of the key to enlightenment which goes by many different names such as Christ Consciousness, The Mind of Christ, Baptism of Fire, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Power From On High, Knowing As You Are Known, Seeing Through The Glass Clearly, and so on. People have been kept from this knowledge of Truth by being taught the bible and other "sacred texts" are to be taken literally, yet the bible itself tells the reader NOT to take it literally. The Key to Enlightenment is NOT in any church or any man made belief system - It's found when you get away from all man made belief systems, churches, denominations, and religion. The TRUTH is WITHIN YOU and is activated when your spiritual "eyes" of TRUTH - your REAL EYES REALIZE the REAL LIES you have been led to believe. This is TRUE LIFE CHANGING KNOWLEDGE you have always heard about but have never experienced. It's time you experienced it. Please take part in the live chat. You can contact me at thetexorcistpodcast@gmail.com

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