The Mandela Effect: Fact or Fantasy?

147 minutes

The Mandela Effect is a term referring to a situation where many people believe a certain event has occurred when it actually hasn't - at least not on this timeline if you believe the parallel-multiverse or simulation theories. For example, many people remember "JIFFY" brand peanut butter, when there has never been a "Jiffy" brand. Are these memories mistakes of the mind or is there something more to it? We will discuss what many will find shocking - from possible changes to brand names, movie quotes, logos, dates, events, and much more. Could this be some kind of residual evidence left over after a "reset" or "rebooting" of a simulation program we have accepted as reality? With the activities at CERN and the greatest minds in the world today saying chances are we are in a simulation - it's certainly something to ponder. Taking your questions, comments, and personal experiences via live chat and ringing in the new year at midnight on this episode of The Texorcist LIVE.

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